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Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused drugs in our society and can cause a variety of problems. Our alcohol drug tests include Alcohol Saliva Test Strips, and Alcohol Breathalyzers. All are professional and reliable, offering you precise and accurate readings for less. Testing children now can help prevent alcohol abuse in their future.

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Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest substance abuse problems facing our society, and it is commonly abused by teens and college-aged individuals. This age group is susceptible to exposure, as they can be greatly influenced by peer pressure and the media.

For those over the age of 21, a good policy could be to drink in moderation, if at all. However, this is not easy for everyone as alcohol can be highly addictive. Heavy drinking can cause dependence, alcoholism, problems in one's personal life, and serious long-term health effects. If a person becomes addicted, it is important to seek treatment.
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