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K2 Spice Confirm

Confirms the presence of the four most common forms of Spice and K2 in urine.

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K2 Spice Confirm

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K2/Spice drugs are a fairly recent trend. Due to widespread accessibility, non-prohibition in many states, and its nearly undetectable characteristics, these drugs are increasing in popularity. Those who anticipate being tested for drugs are more likely to substitute the use of marijuana with that of Spice/K2 synthetic cannabinoids.

Included Shipping Materials
  • Shipping Box (4โ€ x 4โ€ x 4โ€)
  • Packaging tape
  • Plastic specimen bag
  • Urine Vial tube
  • Chain of custody tracking form
  • Instructions
Detailed Instructions for Lab Confirmation
  1. Confirm that you have received all necessary materials as listed below.
  2. Administer test by collecting urine sample from test participant.
  3. Pour a sufficient amount of urine into the vial (30 ml as marked), close the lid and seal with the lock-flap.
  4. Peel the sticker off carbon copy chain of custody (COC) form and adhere to vial as directed.
    a. PLEASE DO NOT fill out the form with personal information. This product is not meant for legal defensibility and does not meet legal COC procedures.
  5. Place chain-of-custody form in the large pouch of the plastic bag provided. Place specimen in the smaller pouch. Remove release liner from flap and fold the adhesive flap over the black cross hatch slit opening.
  6. Place plastic bag with contents into shipping box provided.
  7. Apply postage and ship box to lab (USPS is recommended as pre-paid postage is not included). We have found this to be the most cost effective and convenient shipping method for smaller numbers of urine samples. USPS permitted shipment methods for urine samples are listed here: First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Package Services Mail
  8. Retrieve your results 48-72 hours after lab receives your sample:
    a. Log into the CentralCheck user account
    b. Cross-reference your identification number (found on the top right corner of the COC form directly under the top-left bar code) with the listed identification numbers to retrieve your results. If you lose your identification number, you may call us to retrieve it.


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