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Opiates include drugs such as heroin, codeine, opium, and morphine. Opiate addiction can begin with prescription drug addiction and advance to heroin addiction. Many teens are introduced to opiates through painkiller prescriptions.

Keep loved ones safe from opiate drug abuse by testing them. Our tests range from simple one panel opiates drug tests to cups testing for opiates and other drugs. We also offer All-Inclusive Kits, which include tests for detecting up to 12 different types of narcotics.

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There is evidence of Opiate drug abuse throughout history. The opium poppy plant is native to western Asia and southeastern Europe. Before its addictive powers were known, opium was used for relaxation and headaches. Today, opiates are known to be depressants, which means they lower the body's brain and/or spinal cord activity. They are categorized as narcotics and tend to cause extreme opiate addictions. Heroin addiction is the most prevalent. Other Opiate addictions include morphine addiction and codeine addiction.

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