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Phencyclidine, more commonly known as PCP or angel dust, is a hallucinogenic drug that creates delusions and paranoia. PCP is commonly smoked after dipping a cigarette or joint into phencyclidine. In general, a phencydlidine instant drug test can detect the drug for up to 48 hours. On the other hand, a PCP hair test will show drug abuse over the last 90 days (but not the most recent 7-14 days).

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Phencyclidine was originally used as a tranquilizer at veterinaries, but due to the weird effects it had on animals it was rendered useless. It did not become a popular illicit drug until the 1980s when users would put the liquid version of PCP on cigarettes and smoke them. This way of ingesting the drug causes it to be absorbed and sent to the brain quickly. Effects of PCP include a lack of memory of things that occurred while "high," hallucinations, increased strength, time distortions, and lack of reaction to pain.

Phencyclidine is found in the forms of capsules, tablets, and powder and can be ingested or snorted. The liquid form of PCP, referred to as "wet," is created by dipping a cigarette or joint into the liquid form of phencyclidine. Wet is the most common form of PCP today. Phencyclidine abuse is believed to cause schizophrenia in its abusers.

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