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Employee Drug Testing Services

According to estimates by the U.S. Department of Labor, costs related to accidents, time out of work, treatment, and workers' compensation sparked by drug use is $100 billion annually.

As a result, large and small to midsized businesses have adopted drug testing policies. Some companies require pre-employment drug screenings in order to complete the hiring process. Other firms have instituted random drug testing policies as well. U.S. Department of Transportation, for instance, has rigorous standards for drug testing programs in regulated industries.

Depending on the policies, drug screening can be cost-prohibitive for smaller companies. We have developed drug testing kits and lab confirmation services designed to be cost-effective for smaller employers and scalable for companies of any size.

Our employee drug testing services are designed to facilitate on-site drug testing programs. Common components of our customized drug testing solutions include pre-employment screening, post-accident testing, for-cause or reasonable suspicion drug screens, and often, random testing as well. Whether your company is seeking to more cost-effectively comply with industry standards and government regulations, or simply establish a drug-free workplace environment, we are available as a powerful resource for your screening needs.

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