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Letter from Our Founder

I started Drug Test Central, quite simply, because I am a parent of a child who was addicted to drugs. The truth is, my son will battle addiction for the rest of his life.

When I first realized my son was abusing drugs, I felt overwhelmed and scared. Knowing that I couldn’t alleviate his pain or fight the battle for him was a difficult thing to accept. I imagined other parents felt like this too, so I wanted to find a way to ensure no other parents would be forced to watch their children fight such a heart-wrenching battle alone.

My goal for the website is not only to try and help educate parents, but to build a support community involving healthcare professionals, rehabilitation centers, and other groups working towards mitigating drug use. Because what I came to find is: Drug testing is the beginning, not the end. There are many resources for drug addiction out there, and my hope is that we can connect with all of them to help as many people as possible.

My son was in 8th grade when I first suspected he might be involved with drugs. It was such a hazy thought; did I even really understand what the phrase “doing drugs” meant?

I went online to research, hoping to find other concerned parents and hear directly from them about coping. My search, though, was unsuccessful. I felt at a loss. So, like many other concerned parents probably did, I went to the drug store and purchased a marijuana test. Wow, were we in for a long journey.

Eventually, my son’s actions became more and more apparent. I felt helpless. I began asking friends and colleagues. The conversations were long and full of discovery. Soon I realized my son needed professional help, and my wife and I enrolled him in a rehabilitation center. I do not think I would have been able to survive without her by my side.

The trips to the rehab centers were debilitating. Listening to the stories about my son and the others hit me like a brick. I had been so clueless, so oblivious. It was an emotional and trying time.

In rehab, my son’s roommate overdosed and died. Prior to this experience I had always accepted drug abuse as a serious issue, but I soon realized it was a battle that could result in my son’s death. This thought was unbearable. He and our family pushed on with support groups and counseling.

After reflecting on the situation as a whole, I understood how important the initial step of drug testing my son was. It was a turning point. Making that choice changed our paths. My wife and I could have continued on not knowing, not wanting to know, but where would my son be now? My son may or may not have gotten counseling on his own. But even in hindsight, that’s something I’ll never know. I want parents to know drug testing their children is an option, but I also want them to have a place to go for support. Drug Test Central is created as a community—for others who have been through it to share their experiences and for those who may only have feelings or suspicions to have a place to go and plan their next steps.

I still live life one day at a time, understanding that addiction is a disease and like other diseases it can strike at any moment. I was fortunate enough to find people who shared my struggles and now work for Drug Test Central. We’ve created a safe place where people can find support in identifying the problem and learn where to go for help.

I invite you to visit our blog to browse resources and see stories from others. I also ask you to consider sharing your story by emailing us. Your confidentiality, if requested, is our number one concern. Please write us with any questions or suggestions you may have as well.

I wish you the best of luck. And remember: Drug testing is the beginning, not the end.


  • Dr. John A. Bennett
  • Founder
  • Drug Test Central
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