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If you are concerned that your child is using drugs, you have a number of options – and you are not alone.

Drug Test Central offers various resources for parents.

Instant In-Home Drug Test Kits

If you decide to test your child for drug use, we offer FDA-cleared instant in-home drug test kits that are safe and used in private. Our drug test kits range in the number of drugs that can be tested. You can to test for one drug or multiple drugs, including alcohol. You also can choose from urine and saliva tests.

We also offer a cost-effective Parent Kit that helps parents confirm the use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Drug Use Confirmation Services

In the event your child's test results are found positive, Drug Test Central offers laboratory confirmation services. By accessing our labs, your sample can be tested to confirm the exact substance that triggered the positive result.

With all drug testing, cross-reactions can produce positive results. Our drug use confirmation services can give you peace of mind that any urine samples are accurate.

Referral Network

Part of our goal is to help parents learn where they can go for help if their child is abusing drugs. We have developed a drug solutions referral network for parents to research different diagnostic and treatment solutions for drug-related services. Visit our Treatment Programs Directory to learn more.

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